Commercial / Residential Construction

Construction Electricity
Students learn residential and commercial
electrician skills…

Construction Trades
Students learn basic carpentry skills to
repair, construct, and remodel…

Students learn to install, maintain and repair gas, oil, and electrical…

Education & Services

Chef & Restaurant Management
Students learn to prepare, present, and serve food to the public in the Center Café restaurant.

Students learn the personal care of clients’ hair, skin, and nails. Training occurs in a lab setting…

Teaching Professions
Focuses on the physical, social, emotional, and mental development of young children.

First Responders Academy

Criminal Justice
Student learn forensic science, homeland security, law enforcement and more.

Firefighter | EMT
Focuses on the public safety sector. Emergency Medical Technician and Firefighter careers…

Health Science

Allied Health & Pre-Nursing
Students are introduced to career opportunities in the medical field and includes clinical experience.

Animal Management & Care
Students learn proper nutrition, care and grooming of animals, basics of laboratory testing…

Sports Medicine & Exercise Science
Prepares students to easily transition to college in sports fitness or the healthcare field.

Vision Care
Students learn visual acuity, disorders, depth perception, color blindness, optical instruments…

Information Technology Academy

Business & Marketing Technology
Students learn entrepreneurship, business management, marketing, and digital design.

Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics
Students examine networking, digital forensics, and cybersecurity, and open-source systems.

Software Engineering & Web Dev.
Prepares students to pursue a computer science and/or information technology degree.

STEM Innovation Academy

Engineering Technologies & Design
Students experience the scope and discipline of engineering and engineering technology.

Precision Machining Technology
Students learn in-depth knowledge of all aspects of metalworking and manufacturing.

Transportation Technology

Automotive Collision Technology
An ASE certified program teaches the repairing, refinishing and restoring of the body of damaged vehicles.

Automotive Technology
An ASE certified program includes diagnosing, adjusting, repairing and replacing mechanical…

Diesel Technology
An ASE certified program training in diagnosing, disassembling, reconditioning, and diesel engines.

Power Equipment Technology
Maintenance, diagnosis, transmissions, electrical systems, and hydraulic systems.

Visual Media Imaging Academy

Digital Design
Students learn the technical creation of artwork for commercial purposes as used in advertising…

Graphic Arts & Printing Technology
Students learn skills in pre-press production and finishing for success in the Graphic Arts Industry.

Media Production
Students learn video production, videography, digital photography, editing, and cinematic digital…

Job Training Coordination (JTC)

With Required Referral:
Career & Community Experience

Students gain work readiness, technical, and self-advocacy… Counselor Referral Required.

With Required Referral:
Career Exploration

Students experience a variety of technical programs. Counselor Referral Required.

With Required Referral:
Career Training

Students participate in one of the Career Technical Majors. Counselor Referral Required.