PaySchools Central is your portal to convenient and secure payments for your student’s fees and lunch account*

Pay Lunch & Student Fees

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*Student fees payments can also be made with cash, credit card, or check at Central Supply, located on the first floor of the Medina County Career Center.

How PaySchools Central Works

  1. Register: A parent or guardian completes the online form that includes their credit card information. An email with a validation code is then sent to the address that was entered during the registration process.
  2. Validate: The parent or guardian enters the validation code which activates their account.
  3. Add Students: Once a registered member, the parent or guardian can begin to add students to their account and begin funding their meals. To accomplish this, you must know your child’s student ID number, School and Grade. This is a requirement for registering your student to the account. If you do not know their Student ID Number (Not their PIN) you can call the school and they will provide it to you.
  4. Deposit: Using the Make Payment page, you can now deposit money into any or all of your student’s accounts. Money deposited before midnight will typically be posted to the students account by the following morning.


PaySchools Central accepts credit card prepayments 24 hours a day with an automated update to the QSP-Point of sale system at the school. Lets parents fund their children’s account from the comfort of their home or office, night or day.

Private and Secure

Registration and credit card information is protected with the most advanced Internet security (Secure Socket Layer with 128-bit encryption with secure certificate exchange). Your information is stored securely and privately.

Internet Convenience Fee

An Internet Convenience Fee (ICF) is charged for each transaction and is displayed separately when you process a transaction. If a transaction is completed prior to midnight, it will typically be deposited into the student’s account the following morning. Deposits into accounts can be affected by any network interruptions at your organization or school.


The Account’s balance is shown in the View Account Screen. This balance shows the net amount available to the Account as of the last transaction date.