Dr. Mari Engelhart
Director of Technology

Extension 301

Jon List
Building Operations Supervisor

Extension 223

Technology Department

The Medina County Career Center (MCCC) Technology Department implements and supports technologies to enhance, improve, engage and stimulate the learning environment for all students to advance their educational experience to uphold the MCCC mission as it applies to teaching, learning, and community service.

In pursuit of this vision, the Technology department:

  • Provides and maintains a robust, reliable and secure infrastructure
  • Abides and upholds applicable regulatory acts (e.g. FERPA, CIPA, COPPA)
  • Maintains existing equipment and software and upgrades to current standards or versions as appropriate
  • Assists administration, staff and students with training and technological support
  • Facilitates a communication bridge between school and community via district website
  • Supports and encourages 21st Century learning within the district

Facilities/Building Use Request

When school facilities are not in use for school purposes, the Board shall, upon payment of the prescribed fee and subject to the requirements of applicable regulations, permit the use of school facilities for auxiliary, educational, recreational, cultural, civic, social, religious or other Board-approved purposes (BOE Policy Section K, p. 15).

Building Use Request Form

Participant/Audience Accommodations:

  • Classrooms – 25
  • Computer Labs – 25
  • Auditorium Seating – 78
  • MCCC Mall for Large Venues

Submission of the Building Request Form does not guarantee of availability or approval; Public use of Medina County Career Center facilities is made available after 3:00 pm Monday – Thursday; Weekend reservations require special approval; Fees may apply, please contact 330.725.8461 x152 for information.

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