For the 15th consecutive year, 100 percent of Medina County Career Center’s Medical Assisting students have earned their Medical Assisting (MA) credential.

“This program offers a ton of hands-on experience, which is great because it really helps you understand what you’re learning,” said Nicole Ehrhardt, medical assisting student, Medina County Career Center (MCCC). “Plus, the instructors go above and beyond to help students any way they can.”

Beginning June 10, Ehrhardt will be a medical assistant in the pediatrics unit at Cleveland Clinic’s Willoughby Hills Family Health Center. Most students are offered full time positions from their clinical site.

“I’ve seen practicum sites create positions for our students,” said Pam Wheeler, medical assisting instructor at Medina County Career Center for the last 16 years. “There is such a demand for medical assistants we have no trouble helping them find a job – I’ve even had some facilities request our students.”

Students who complete this program range from 17 to 58-years-old. Some move directly into the field and some use it as a way to further their education and prepare for college.

While under the direction of Mrs. Wheeler, more than 200 students have received their MA credential from MCCC.

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