Medina County Career Center proudly hosts Take Control’s driving skills pad on its campus.

Take Control is a driving program available to licensed teen drivers to help them gain experience in difficult driving situations. During this three-hour program, instructors provide advanced training in accident avoidance techniques such as emergency braking, skid and off-road recovery, collision avoidance and more. Take Control is available free of charge on the third Saturday of each month.

Inspired by local families who have suffered loss due to fatal teen car accidents, the 2.5-acre driving skills pad was developed in collaboration by:

  • Medina County Law Enforcement
  • Medina County Career Center
  • Ehrbar Angels Foundation
  • Jessica Lynn Schaffer Memorial Fund
  • M-Star Foundation
  • Westfield Insurance
  • The Ohio Department of Public Safety and
  • Medina County Probate and Juvenile Court Judge Kevin Dunn.

“We’re honored to collaborate with community members, partners and businesses to develop this resource for our teens,” said Steven Chrisman, superintendent, Medina County Career Center. “We’re confident the experiences gained on the driving skills pad will help our young drivers make better decisions while behind the wheel.”

The driving skills pad is made from concrete with a reinforced depth suitable to accommodate emergency response vehicles from police cars to fire engines.

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