In 2021, the Medina County Career Center (MCCC) Board of Education approved the acquisition of state-of-the-art Lincoln Electric welding booths to provide both high school students and adult learners with essential skills for fabrication across diverse industries. Class A welder fabricator and instructor Tony Zarlinga, “enjoys the opportunity of giving back [his] skills and knowledge.” Zarlinga emphasized the pressing demand for highly skilled welders and fabricators, particularly in the rapidly expanding field of robotic welding.

In March, adult welding students and Zarlinga welcomed Dan Houch, Lincon Electric, who shared best practices, welding career pathways, and available positions at Lincoln Electric. Born and raised in Avon, OH, Houch holds an Industrial Engineering degree from Ohio University and has worked at Lincoln Electric for 20 years. Reflecting on his interaction with MCCC students and faculty, Houch expressed his eagerness to continue collaborating with MCCC stating, “MCCC has a state-of-the-art facility that sets the bar for education in Ohio. The instructors are leaders in their industry and have decades of experience bringing real-world examples to the students.”

Houch looks forward to returning and working with the next group of students stating he “had a great experience visiting MCCC and having discussions with the students and instructors.” Likewise, Zarlinga affirmed his commitment to fostering this collaboration asserting, “I look forward to working with Dan and maintaining a partnership with Lincoln Electric” to keep abreast of the welding technologies and career paths available at Lincoln Electric for MCCC students.

The integration of Lincoln Electric‘s cutting-edge booths into MCCC’s educational framework underscores the power of business partnerships in preparing the workforce of tomorrow. Please visit this page to learn more about the welding program offered through the MCCC Adult Education | Ohio Technical Center.