The Medina County Career Center (MCCC) is proud to announce the launch of its latest program, Construction Electricity. The Construction Electricity program represents a vital step in meeting the evolving needs of both students and employers in the construction sector, reaffirming MCCC’s commitment to excellence in career-technical education.

Principal Jeff Hicks expressed enthusiasm about the program, citing several factors that led to its inception. “The construction pathway continues to grow in Ohio and employers are looking for trained workers. The Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation shows that there are almost 3,000 job openings for electricians,” said Hicks. “This demand underscores the necessity for the Construction Electricity program to bridge the skills gap and provide opportunities for students interested in pursuing careers in the construction trades.”

Leading the Construction Electricity program is Adam Hyre, an industry veteran with extensive experience in the electrical field. Hyre’s background includes five years with RJ Electric followed by two decades with Local 38, during which he contributed to major projects across the Cleveland area, including casinos, hotels, and sports venues. Hyre’s firsthand experience in the field positions him to provide students with invaluable insights into the expectations in the electrical construction field. “Adam rose to the top of the candidate pool because of his work experience, friendly demeanor, and desire to make a change in the industry by training students for the expectations of the electrician industry,” stated Principal Hicks. Reflecting on his decision to join MCCC as an instructor, Hyre expressed his passion for teaching and empowering the next generation of electricians. “My goal in this program is to not just guide students to be great and hard-working apprentices that contractors want but also future journeymen,” said Hyre.

Hyre emphasized the importance of providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the field to prepare them for successful careers. The Construction Electricity program will cover a wide range of topics, including residential and commercial wiring, motor control circuits, electrical theory and related math, load calculations, electrical hazards, safety standards, the National Electrical Code, and more. In developing the program, Hyre has been proactive in seeking input and support from industry partners, including Local 38 Cleveland and Local 306 Akron. He has also leveraged his connections to visit other established programs, gaining insights into best practices and instructional methods. “I’m very lucky to have great support from the start and going forward,” said Hyre. “Having these relationships will help me get the students in great positions after graduation. I’m also lucky to have a head start getting my program going. I’ve been traveling to different programs already in place, and that has been a great experience.”

With the launch of the Construction Electricity program, MCCC is poised to make a significant impact on the local workforce, providing students with the skills and opportunities needed to succeed!