The Medina County Firefighters’ Association recently organized a series of fire and emergency medical services (EMS) workshops at the Medina County Career Center (MCCC), providing free continuing education opportunities for fire departments across the community. The event saw representation from nearly one-third of the fire departments within Medina County.

Highlighting the significance of ongoing education in public safety, Timothy Brunenmeister, the program director of MCCC’s Fire/EMT program, emphasized, “Continuing education is an important part of working in the public safety field and allows firefighters, EMT’s and paramedics the ability to be the best at what they do. This ensures that the residents in Medina County and surrounding communities have first responders well versed in their profession during a time of need.”

Brunenmeister, whose tenure in public safety began in 2009 with the Westfield Fire Department, holds certifications as a firefighter, paramedic, and EMS Instructor. The MCCC Fire/EMT program utilizes instructors from local fire departments that have passion for students to succeed in the public safety field to serve residents of Medina County and surrounding communities. “We are fortunate that more than 50% of our instructors are officers at their home department with 50% of those being an assistant chief or fire chief. This combination allows the Medina County Career Center to have instructors who bring vast amount of experience to the classroom.”

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