Are you considering pursuing an education in Medical Assisting? Check out what Katelyn Levy, one of our current Adult Education students, has to say about her experience and why she chose to shift her career path to Medical Assisting.

Katelyn spent time as a Nursing Assistant at a nursing home, but felt the physical aspect was very demanding. After speaking with a friend who completed MCCC’s Medical Assisting Adult Education program, she decided to pursue it too.

“I had no idea what the role of a Medical Assistant was,” Katelyn said. “We spoke for a while and she [Katelyn’s friend] explained to me that she loved her role as a Medical Assistant and that there was a great opportunity for job placement after finishing the program. We also spoke about the tasks she was responsible for in a nursing setting as a Medical Assistant. I did not explore other schools, I knew right away that I wanted to attend MCCC for this program.”

Katelyn began the Medical Assisting program at MCCC in August 2020 and will complete it this May.

Katelyn said, “Being a full-time student is challenging, yet very rewarding and I absolutely love the program that I am enrolled in. The Career Center has been extremely supportive in helping me reach my goals. I am so glad that I chose to come to MCCC to become a Medical Assistant.”

After being in the Medical Assisting program and learning more about the profession, Katelyn describes her future career as:

“A Medical Assistant is the eyes and ears for the patient, prior to the patient seeing their provider. A Medical Assistant takes a patient’s vital signs, records their height and weight, and interviews the patient once they arrive for their visit. They also assist the provider during in-office procedures and most importantly, they become very close with the patients they are caring for. A Medical Assistant not only works one-on-one with their patients in the exam room, but they also assist their patients with the paperwork aspect of a medical visit. This includes working closely with scheduling patient appointments, taking various phone calls from patients and other providers, and verifying insurance information. Medical Assistants are a vital part of the medical field. If you enjoy working with others and helping people, the medical field is for you! The role of a Medical Assistant varies, so conduct your research on which field you may be interested in. This will help you learn more about the duties and responsibilities you may have.”

If you, or someone you know, is interested in becoming a Medical Assistant, apply now! Classes begin in August 2021.