Diversified Medical Technology Seniors Caught a Glimpse of the Real World through the Eyes of an Alumni

George Gemelas and Corinne Haberny had the opportunity to shadow one of the Medina County Career Center’s 2014 Diversified Medical Technologies (DMT) alumni at a local hospital recently. Our alumni offered to show George and Corinne what her day as a Physician Assistant (PA) looked like.

Corrine spent her day shadowing our alumni as she worked through daily preparations for the doctors’ day in surgery to our alumni’s Out-Patient Clinic appointments. She saw how doctors’ orders were done for various tests like MRIs, CT scans, and writing prescriptions.  Our alumni and Corrine went on rounds visiting post-op patients to follow up on their surgeries. Corrine learned that half of the healing process is a patient’s mental state. There is a direct correlation between a positive mindset and faster healing.

During their junior year at MCCC, DMT students learn the various sutures in the medical field. Corrine worked with our alumni to remove whip stitches from a patient and checked the healing process on others. She was surprised at how quickly medical technology advances.  Corrine felt confident in the skills she’s learned at MCCC and how she’s prepared for her future studies at Baldwin Wallace University. She plans to work towards a degree in nursing.  Shadowing our alumni assured Corrine she’s on the right track to her goal of working in Pediatric Oncology as a doctor, physician assistant, or nurse.

George’s visit with our alumni was a bit different. He was with her on a surgery day with the doctor. They started the day, like Corrine’s day with orders and prescriptions. Then he spent the day with other medical students and PAs in observation experiencing a spinal fusion and shunt placement.  George absorbed everything from the process of scrubbing in, to the sights, sounds, and smells of the operating room. He noted how many times tools were counted during the surgery, watched X-rays being taken, and was impressed by the precision of the doctor and how he orchestrated the team during the surgery.

Being a neurosurgeon has been a childhood dream of George’s. After his shadowing experience with our Alumni, he is even more excited about that dream! This fall George will head to the University of Cincinnati to study Medical Sciences and continue on his path to becoming a neurosurgeon.

A special thank you to our 2014 DMT Alumni for sharing this real-world experience with our students. We appreciate your giving back to MCCC!