On September 9, 2022, the Medina County Career Center First Responder Academy (Criminal Justice and Firefighter|EMT) students led a reveille ceremony in honor of our new American flag.  This flag will fly proudly over the Medina County Career Center honoring the sacrifices that have made our enduring freedom possible. The flagpole is 70’ tall, the flag is 20’ x 38’, and each star is the size of an adult hand. Medina City Major Hanwell, Detective Covey, and Superintendent Ron Stollar joined over 1100 students, staff, faculty, and dignitaries in honor of the raising of our nation’s sacred symbol.

Photos provided by Riley Blueter, Norah Spencer, Bri Tarnai, Media Production

“Thank you all for participating in the ceremony,” Career Center Superintendent Steve Chrisman said. “It meant a lot to us to be able to fly the Stars and Stripes over this property and do it in a mighty way, in a big way, like the Career Center always does.”

Please read The Gazette’s article (Sara Crawford, reporter) for additional highlights.