Medina County Career Center (MCCC) recently revealed its plans to renovate the VMI Academy this summer in preparation of welcoming students in August 2022. This academy provides collaborative, real-world experiences to help students build skills in Digital Design, Graphic Arts and Printing Technology, and Media Production.

Recently the VMI instructors were asked a few questions about the upcoming renovation.  Their excitement, passion, appreciation, and commitment to MCCC students and community were evident in their responses.

Mr. Dansby “The renovation is much needed due to keeping pace with the current trends in computers and software used in the digital design, graphic print, and video production industries. Having also spent much time as a long-term substitute in art at many local school districts, our focus is on students and giving them every opportunity to be the best they can be. It is essential students have the proper equipment and environment to advance in a competitive market.”
Mr. Hill “I wanted to bring in equipment that is current and create an open and modular space so that students can shoot and create their vision within a professional space. Being the newest program of the three, I want to establish my program and have it recognized by students and our community. This space will allow me to put Media Production on the map, as an integral class at MCCC.”
Mr. Kostechak “This renovation is long overdue. We had a partial renovation years ago when the Visual Media Imaging (VMI) Academy was formed with the addition of the Media (formally Video) Production program. The Graphic Arts & Printing Technology facility hasn’t changed much since 1974 and is very much in need of the renovation. The administration at MCCC has always been very supportive with new technology in print production concepts such as large format printing, screen printing, digital press operation, vinyl printing production and applications as well as keeping up with computer/pre-press technology.”
Mr. Dansby “This renovation will better serve in several ways, it will increase their ability to be more productive during the lab and encourage their creative attitude. I feel the environment plays an important factor in our emotional state for success.”
Mr. Hill “It will provide the students with a more professional, modular space – allowing for more shoots to happen at once and expand on the creative ability within the class. This allows for students to work independently or in more small groups more efficiently and have more flexibility for different ideas.”
Mr. Kostechak “This renovation will better serve our students in many ways. Not only working in a state-of-the-art facility with brand new computers and equipment, but to be able to work more closely with the other two VMI programs which is the intention of the VMI concept. “
Mr. Dansby “Students will use the collaborative space for drawing, mounting, cutting and as a general work area. It will be an area where students can polish their art presentation skills.”
Mr. Hill “Students will use the collaboration space as an area for cutting, drawing, mounting and general work. This is a great way for our students to cross train with each other and further foster a culture of creativity in VMI.”
Mr. Kostechak “Each of the three programs will have their own computer labs and work areas as well as a general work area where equipment and technologies will be shared with inter-program and instructor collaboration.”
Mr. Dansby “Digital Design provides creative concepts in brand identity such as logos and company seals.”
Mr. Hill “Media Production provides a few services, including headshots, social media content, concept to creation photographic services, small event coverage or supplemental video/imaging services, and corporate overview videos and small spots for local access.”
Mr. Kostechak “We have worked with a few non-profit organizations if time permits. We also have helped some of our associate schools with projects and we take care of most of the printing and graphic needs for MCCC as well as our other programs.”
Mr. Dansby “I would like to thank the administration staff, Mr. Chrisman, Mr. Hicks and my co-works Mr. Hill and Mr. Kostechak and many others for the wonderful opportunity to be a part of an exciting new venture to educate future leaders in the industry.”
Mr. Hill “I would like to thank my partners, Mr. Kostechak and Mr. Dansby for being a part of this with me, Mr. Chrisman and Mr. Hicks for all their guidance and mentorship, Ms. Wissel for all the support, and MCCC as a whole. I’m looking forward to many years in this new space!”
Mr. Kostechak “This renovation, so far, has been very exciting as well as stressful to say the least. When Mr. Chrisman took over as superintendent, his vision was to turn every program at MCCC. I have seen several of these programs being renovated and now it’s our turn. I now am starting to understand how big of an undertaking (in these very early stages) that these turns are. This is not just new carpet, tear down/build a wall or two and a little paint. This is total rebuild of MCCC from the inside out, staying up with the latest technologies and giving the students of Medina County the best possible opportunity to start in the trades and/or prepare themselves for furthering education for many years to come.”

Instructor Biographies

Mr. Brent Dansby, Digital Design instructor, came to MCCC in 2021 bringing with him over twenty years of experience in the design field working for design studios, photo studios, corporations, and freelancing environments. He has worked as an art director/ designer, account executive on a variety of local and international accounts such as Valspar, Plasti-Kote, Tempo Marine, Ames Hardware, Ace Hardware, Genie Garage Door, General Tire, TRW and more.

Mr. Tyler Hill, Media Production instructor, started at MCCC in 2019 with 15 years of experience from wedding photography, commercial and product photography, to high end film productions and small crew short film productions.  He has worked at creative agencies, advertising agencies, freelance, and internal marketing departments at large companies. Clients include John Deere, Nestle, BRP, Dupont Pioneer, Kent State, Continental, Red Wing Shoes, Cleveland Motorcycles and more.

Mr. Ron Kostechak, Graphic Arts and Printing Technology instructor, brought his expertise to MCCC in 2004.  He has been in the graphic arts industry since 1986 working as an in-plant print shop supervisor at Huebner Publications and American Consumer Products, a lead press operator at Revco Drugs and Fabri Centers of America, and as a press operator at Graphic World.  He began his educational career at Maple Heights High School and currently assists at South End Printing as needed.