Congratulations to Matthew Kovach and Aaron Niedermyer and the BEAT (Brunswick Educational Access Television) for being invited to the Ohio School Boards Association (OSBA) Capital Conference November 8 as part of their Student Achievement Fair! BEAT representatives will be discussing the program and activities and are prepared to conduct OSBA participant interviews. The BEAT is a journalism and video program for students in grades 6-12 to gain real-world experience through writing articles about community members, events, and conducting video interviews. “The BEAT prides itself on being student-led. All aspects of the program from finding stories, covering them, editing, and publishing them are all handled by the students themselves. We really believe that age has no bearing on ability and that anyone can portray and conduct themselves in a professional manner if they want to,” stated Aaron Niedermyer.

Matthew is a senior in the Software Engineering and Web Development program has been participating in BEAT for the last seven years. “For two years I was the journalism manager. My role during this time was to teach the basics of journalism to incoming BEAT members. Additionally, I edited articles for each of our members before they were sent out to area publications including, the Medina Gazette, and the Brunswick Post. Since 8th grade, I’ve taped the Blue Devils home games.” Aaron, a Cybersecurity and Forensics senior, is in his third year at BEAT as the technical manager and is “…responsible for all technical production aspects of our program. I prepare the various technologies we use for interviews, manage live-time recording, and post-production editing. In addition, I teach production skills to junior reporters and mentor the junior technical manager who will be taking my place next year.”

Aaron and Matthew agree how important it is to be able to attend MCCC and to continue to be involved in home school activities.  Aaron stated, “[Attending MCCC] gives me access to literally twice as many opportunities as if I had just stayed at Brunswick. It allows me to stay as a member of the BEAT and run for National Honor Society (NHS) while also being class President, Key Club Junior President, among other things, at MCCC…. there’s just something about the atmosphere of professionalism that’s so appealing”.  “What I like best about MCCC is the fact that I’m able to earn my high school degree, while simultaneously exploring a career field I’m passionate about. Although going to college isn’t necessary for all students at MCCC, my experience in the Software Engineering and Web Development major has built the foundation necessary for me to further my education in college,” added Matthew.

Aaron is currently exploring his post-graduate options including the Navy’s ROTC program and the United States Naval Academy.  Matthew is planning to attend the Honor’s College at Cleveland State University.