Every four years, the Medina County Career Center community celebrates the right and duty to participate in the presidential election by coordinating a mock election for President.

On Tuesday, Oct. 27, MCCC election specialists visited classrooms to provide students with an official MCCC 2020 Presidential ballot. Students voted and delivered their ballots to official drop-off locations on the MCCC campus.

“Trained social studies experts have worked to make the MCCC voting process as life-like as possible,” said Dan Ciofani, social studies instructor. “We believe this is a great way for students to learn and understand the election process.”

Each junior and senior career technical program is designated to represent a different state of the union. This designation is based on the population of each program. Final tallies will be published with the republic Electoral College model in place.

“For the last, 16 years, MCCC’s mock election has predicted who the president will be,” said Ciofani. “This year, Trump received 68 percent of the votes and Biden received 32 percent of the votes.”