Leadership Medina County class of 2020 recently visited Medina County Career Center (MCCC) for their Education Day to learn about education throughout the county.

“During our visit, the class met several leaders in education and learned about critical issues, current assets and implications for education in the future,” said Colleen Rice, executive director, Leadership Medina County. “Our class objective for the day was to build leadership skills and knowledge.

While at MCCC, Leadership Medina County class of 2020 enjoyed lunch, prepared by MCCC’s Chef and Restaurant Management major, led by Chef Tony Stanislo. The group also toured the campus to see career technical education in action.

We are proud to share just a few of our visitors’ comments:

“… I have never wanted to go back in time to relive any part of my past, but as we toured the Career Center [MCCC] my inner child wanted to ‘re-do’ high school so I could have such opportunities to learn at my fingertips. I appreciated the vibe there – this was an educational facility for EVERYONE to go to, not just students who may not be college bound. The vocational schools that were available when I was in high school had the stigma (by practice) that the only students who went there were those who did not have high grades, or college ambitions…”

“Already having our daughter at the Medina County Career Center I’m somewhat familiar with the programs. Yet it was still eye-opening to walk through all the programs and see how this is preparing young adults for some amazing careers. I will continue to encourage other parents to send their children. What a great resource within our county!”

“For future planning, the career center [MCCC] has significant impact. With shortage of trade employees as well as increasing pressure for pre-employment experience for both school and actual jobs, the career center [MCCC] is filling more of that void than ever. It is no longer just for the struggling kids to find a way.”

“Education is central to the success of Medina County. Families want to live in Medina County because of its resources to provide excellent course offerings and opportunities for our young people.  The Medina County Career Center is really a gem and I couldn’t believe all the programs available to our junior and senior population.”

“I loved hearing about the ways programs at the Career Center [MCCC] are partnering with local companies to provide internships opportunities for their students.”

“The Medina County Career Center is a wonderful option for our local high school students. It’s providing an incredible opportunity for them to get their feet wet in a career field they are considering for their future.”