J.G. Lynn, author and alumna of MCCC’s Computer Science and Forensics, recently published her first book, Brilliance: The Age of the Light and the Dark. This is the first novel of her series, “The Brilliance Chronicles.”

“Brilliance: The Age of the Light and the Dark” is about a young girl who discovers that deep within herself an ancient power dwells in her soul. Esther Green is known as a Clockwork, which are powerful individuals who are sworn to protect the earth. Along with the Clockworks, there are Exols and Creators, who live conspicuously amongst the humans. But somewhere, lies a novel of infinite truth, a living vessel titled Brilliance that writes itself and all that partakes in history and the universe. She has been chosen by the perspicacious novel as its protector from the hands of evil that plot to obtain this relic of power. Esther and her friends must decide if they will sacrifice everything they cherish to maintain the natural tranquility of the world so the malicious Creator, Dante Jett, cannot use its wisdom for malevolent tendencies. All is at stake, and the abilities of the group will be tested, or all will succumb to the darkness under the rule of the Creators.

“Brilliance: The Age of the Light and the Dark” is available for purchase on Amazon. The audio book is also available on Amazon as well as Audible and iTunes.

J.G. Lynn started writing “The Brilliance Chronicles” at age 12. She graduated in 2018.

“I’m very grateful for my experience at MCCC,” said J.G. Lynn. “I have a passion for digital technology and MCCC gave me the opportunity to get a jumpstart on my education and career to help me accomplish my dreams sooner. Without the knowledge I gained and connections I met through MCCC, I would not be where I am today.”

While working on the second book of her series, J.G. Lynn is studying digital forensics and is an advocate for the Women in Technology group at the University of Akron. Her long-term goals are to finish her series and pursue a career in digital forensics.

For more information about “Brilliance: The Age of the Light and the Dark” and the rest of the series, visit her website, which was designed in collaboration with Joey Dean, another MCCC Computer Science and Forensics Alumnus.