Medina County Career Center Announces Advanced Training Collaboration with Engage Virtual Range

Medina, Ohio, August 15th – The Medina County Career Center’s (MCCC) Criminal Justice and Adult Police Academy programs proudly announce an intensified collaboration with Engage Virtual Range (EVR) to enhance their training offerings. This new partnership builds on the four years of dynamic training EVR has expertly delivered to MCCC, pushing boundaries in immersive learning.

In an ambitious move to bring the future of training closer to its students, MCCC has procured a state-of-the-art EVR simulator solution. With this addition, the center ensures that its students are prepared and ahead of their peers in their practical skills, setting them apart in their professional journeys.

“It’s not just about having advanced technology; it’s about the rich and realistic training experiences this technology can provide,” says Superintendent Steven Chrisman, “With EVR’s simulator now onsite, our students have the advantage of training with some of the most realistic scenarios, which is indispensable in the fields of criminal justice and policing.”

EVR’s involvement doesn’t stop at providing the simulator. They are bringing a team of professional instructors and dedicated support to ensure that the simulator is more than just a machine – it becomes an integral part of MCCC’s training paradigm.

Focusing on core skills essential to law enforcement, the training will encompass shooting fundamentals, marksmanship, and intricate situational scenarios that mirror real-world challenges. The aim is clear: to sculpt professionals who can think on their feet, make critical decisions rapidly, and execute their skills precisely.

About Engage Virtual Range

Engage Virtual Range is the forefront of next-generation training solutions for law enforcement and security professionals. By combining cutting-edge technology with realistic scenarios, EVR offers an unparalleled immersive experience that hones critical shooting and decision-making skills. Designed to replicate real-world challenges, EVR ensures that trainees are technically proficient and prepared for the unpredictable dynamics of real-life situations. With a commitment to excellence, continuous innovation, and enhancing training efficacy, EVR is revolutionizing how professionals prepare for the field.