The Medina County Career Center (MCCC) Senior Awards Ceremony recognized our 2022 graduates and their accomplishments on Thursday, May 19, 2022.

Principal Tresa Goodwin warmly welcomed guests and quoted Dr. Brene Brown “…we do not need to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness if we’re paying attention and practicing gratitude”. Abby Glauner, Master of Ceremonies, led the evening of celebration. Fellow classmate, Aiden Ridgway, introduced the many dignitaries in attendance from the Medina County Career Center’s seven sending districts.  Superintendent Steven Chrisman shared his inspiring congratulatory remarks and presented the Charles E. Hawley Scholarship to Kaitlyn Fortuna and Matthew Kovach. Mr. Chrisman made a special point to recognize MCCC alumni and shared the Class of 2022 is joining 20,851 proud alumni since 1975.

Speakers Gavin Depew and Phoenix Dunn shared the highlights of the Class of 2022’s senior year through many awards and student recognition, including Student of the Year Kaitlyn Fortuna and Top Scholar Michael Jerome Kennelly.
Please see additional MCCC scholarly recipients.

Senior reflections were written and presented by Arianna Gloege and Wesley Mason-Thiam. They spoke about their gratitude, appreciating the opportunities provided at the Medina County Career Center, the support of family, friends and teachers, and recognizing individual superpowers.  Arianna shared her wish for the graduating class, “My wish for all of you is that you have the life you dream of… I hope you all chose to make your life everything you wanted it to be and more.”  Wesley shared his positive wish to go forth and spread kindness and issued a #KindnessIsContagious challenge to nearly 500 graduating classmates, staff, family, and friends in attendance.

Steven Chrisman, Tresa Goodwin, and Board of Education president, Dennis Matson, presented the Class of 2022 with their awards and Career Passports. This was a truly inspirational evening honoring the MCCC Class of 2022.