Medina County Career Center celebrates CTE month! 

Career-technical education (CTE) students gain pathway-specific technical and academic skills as well as cross-cutting employability skills for success in any workplace, in further education, and in career awareness and planning. Students who participate in career courses demonstrate greater knowledge of jobs, higher self-esteem, and better grades, and are more engaged in career and academic planning. 1 In fact, CTE inspires and motivates students to develop many of the skills that employers most need across jobs and industries. Work-based learning helps students apply and extend classroom learning, gain motivation, explore careers and develop critical understanding of the work environment.2

There are several recognized youth clubs and student organizations at the Medina County Career Center. Each CTE major area sponsors a CTSO (Career Technical Student Organization) designed to develop the interests and leadership potential of the students in their chosen career pathways. Participation in career and technical student organizations (CTSO) raises students’ academic motivation and engagement, grades, career self-efficacy, college aspirations and employability skills.3

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