Medina County Career Center alumnus Noah Milleman and alumna Angie Morgan were recently sworn in to Medina Fire Department by Mayor Dennis Hanwell. Both alumni graduated from MCCC’s Firefighter | EMT program (formerly Public Safety).

Milleman graduated from Brunswick High School in 2016 and is a Medina resident. He also works as an EMT with Lifecare Ambulance in Elyria.

Morgan, the only female member of the department, graduated from Highland High School in 2020 and resides in Granger Township. Morgan was part of the Fire Explorer program for three years and is trained in combat medicine in the Army National Guard.

“It’s always great to see our graduates fill positions locally within our community,” said Dave Yorko, Firefighter | EMT instructor, MCCC. “These two will be a great fit!”

Image courtesy of the Medina Gazette: Medina Fire Chief Bob Painter, left, stands with new firefighters Angie Morgan and Noah Milleman, who were sworn in by Medina Mayor Dennis Hanwell, right.