Richard Laurence Named MCCC’s 2019-2020 Top Scholar

Richard Laurence, a senior Cloverleaf student in Medina County Career Center’s Computer Science and Forensic program, was recently named MCCC’s 2019-2020 Top Scholar by the Educational Service Center (ESC) of Medina County. Each year, the ESC recognizes the senior top scholars in each school district throughout the county.

Richard has maintained straight A’s and currently has a 4.35 cumulative grade point average. As a junior, Richard was inducted into the National Technical Honor Society. He is also a member of Cloverleaf High School’s National Honor Society. This year, he competed at the Business Professionals of America regional competition and won first place in three separate competitions.

Richard is currently working in MCCC’s Technology Department and has been offered a full-time position after graduation. On his own time, Richard developed a Chrome extension providing easy accessibility to MCCC resources for staff and students. “Richard’s teachers speak very highly of his academic ability, but more importantly about what a wonderful person he is to have in class,” said Tresa Goodwin, principal. “We could not be prouder of Richard and his accomplishments. I am confident he has an amazing future and am so grateful he has chosen MCCC as a part of his high school experience.”

Each top scholar has the opportunity to nominate his or her most inspiring educator. Richard nominated Dr. Mari Engelhart and shared the following:

“Dr. Engelhart has been an inspiration for me to succeed not only academically, but an inspiration to succeed every day. Over the course of my summer internship in the technology department, Dr. Engelhart allowed me to learn new things on the job and challenge me to improve myself with knowledge and other skills.  When I was brought back into the technology department this year, her attitude remained much the same.  She is always willing to give me a chance to learn something new.  She has supported me in my efforts to express new ideas in information technology, but she has also been a motivator for me outside of the job. Dr. Engelhart has been a special person in my life because she is not only my supervisor, but she is a person that has helped me learn, build and promote myself to be the best person, student and worker that I can be.”

Congratulations Richard Laurence and Dr. Engelhart!