The Medina Gazette recently published an article, “Longtime Educator Charles Hawley Dies in Florida,” honoring Hawley’s legacy as the first superintendent at the Medina County Career Center and his impact throughout Medina County.

Superintendent Steven Chrisman reflects on a time when he had the opportunity to take Hawley on a tour of MCCC about four years ago. “I was truly honored to be a part of that experience,” Chrisman said. “It was cool for him to share his passion about how it started and where we are today.”

After the tour, Hawley told Chrisman he was touched with how well they had taken care of the building that started roughly 45 years before. He said he loved how the facility was renovated and upgraded through the years.

“I personally got to thank him for being a visionary and allowing me to carry out that vision,” Chrisman said.

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