Below are helpful steps that students may need to complete when applying to colleges they are interested in attending.  Please refer to each college admissions’ webpage to get specific requirements and steps that are required to complete the application process. These are just general steps that most colleges require. As always, please feel free to contact your MCCC school counselor if you have any questions about this process.

Step 1:  Complete College Application

  • Visit specific college admissions’ website and complete one of the following applications.
    • Institutional Application – specific to college.
    • Common Application is a site that allows you to apply to many different colleges on one application. It is lengthy, so start early!
  • List your home school and use your home school counselor’s contact information. DO NOT list MCCC or include MCCC on application materials!  If needed, you may stop by Student Services for home school contact information.
  • Pay application fee, if there is one.
  • Fee waivers are available for students who meet criteria. See your school counselor if you feel you qualify.

Step 2:  Request Transcripts to be sent to Colleges (request needs to be sent to your home school)

  • A transcript is a record of a student’s high school classes, grades, attendance, GPA and test scores.
    • Visit Requesting Transcripts to access specifics on how to request transcripts from your home school.
    • You can always contact your MCCC school counselor for help!
  • Allow time to process your transcript requests – Don’t wait until the day before the deadline!

Step 3:  Send ACT or SAT scores to colleges, if required

  • Many transcripts will have ACT or SAT scores on them. However, students may need to send scores through the ACT or College Board (SAT) websites using their online account.
  • Some colleges require scores to be sent directly from the testing agency so please refer to college admissions’ websites for these details.
  • Order scores to be sent at least 10 business days before application deadline.
  • At the time of testing, you can send your scores to up to four colleges for free. Otherwise, cost is $12-13 per score.
  • List your home school codes when registering for these tests, not MCCC.

Step 4:  Send Letters of Recommendations as Required or Suggested

  • Ask recommenders, in person, if they are willing to write a recommendation letter.
  • Give them two to three weeks’ notice of any recommendation deadlines.
  • Print or get any recommendation forms to teacher/counselor with deadline information.
  • Provide a Student Request for Letter of Recommendation to the recommender.

Step 5:  Check your Application Status (Acceptance – Denial – Waitlist – Follow-up)

  • Colleges have different ways to communicate. Make sure you know how you will receive information.
  • Log in to your online account to see if any application materials are missing, etc.
  • Enter an email address that you check regularly, not your school email. Many colleges will communicate your next steps this way!

 Additional Items to Complete or Consider