Scholarships can be awarded to students based on academic achievements (merit-based), financial need, special talents and unique interests or traits. There are many different places students may look for scholarships. We suggest students start the scholarship search process by looking at the following resources below.

Institutional Scholarships

These are scholarships that are awarded by a specific college or university.  Students should refer to the college financial aid websites to learn about the scholarships available to students that attend these institutions. Students may then choose to apply for these scholarships.

Local Scholarships

These are scholarships typically found in the student’s school or community. Our MCCC students have access to local scholarships by viewing our MCCC Scholarship Directory.

Students may also track their associate school local scholarships by accessing the respective links below. The associate school links may direct students to a listing or possibly a site that they need to log in to access scholarship information. Students may also find local scholarships by contacting community foundations, organizations, churches and parent workplaces.

It is recommended students check these resources frequently for updated scholarship information.

Scholarship Databases

Students may access scholarship opportunities by utilizing an online database to search for national or regional scholarships. Students will typically share information about themselves to help filter applicable scholarships. A few of these databases are listed below. Students may also search online for possible scholarships.  Never pay for a scholarship and watch out for scholarship scams!

Please note the Medina County Career Center is not affiliated with the authors of outside linked websites nor responsible for their content.