If you are 22 or older and haven’t earned a high school diploma, the Ohio Adult Diploma Program provides the opportunity to earn a diploma and an industry credential at the same time!

The Adult Diploma Program is a fast training course created just for you by the Ohio Department of Education in partnership with a network of career technical educators. Earn a real diploma and get real training for a real job.

Who qualifies?  Any adult age 22 or older living in Ohio that does not have a high school diploma, a High School Equivalence Diploma or GED.

What do participants receive? Students will earn a HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA and Career Technical Certificate when they meet the Work Keys score requirements for their chosen technical program, complete the course requirements, both academic and technical, and earn the industry credential associated with their technical program of study. The High School Diploma will be awarded from the Ohio Department of Education.

What is the cost for the Adult Diploma Program? Program costs for qualified adult diploma program students will be covered by the Ohio Department of Education.

Adult Diploma Admission Process:  The Adult Diploma Program (ADP) offered by the Medina County Career Center’s Adult Education Department is a new opportunity for any resident of Ohio who is 22 years old or older and does not already have a High School Diploma or GED credential.  More Information