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Medina County Career Center provides BYOD WiFi access to faculty, staff, and students.  This access is filtered and recorded.  None of this data is tracked or recorded off campus.  Using this access requires a certificate to be installed on the device as well as signed in to your MCCC network account.

After connecting to the BYOD WiFi (using your MCCC network credentials),  please follow the directions that pertain to your device* to install the certificate.  After installing, you may need to restart your phone/device.

*MCCC devices are configured and supported by the MCCC Technology Department.

Raw Certificate Formats

G Suite Admin / Chromebooks securly_ca_2034.pem
Windows, Mac OS X, iPad, Android, and Other securly_ca_2034.crt
Some Mobile Device Management (MDM) Software securly_ca_2034.der
Base-64 encoded X.509 CER securly_ca_2034.cer


Windows Executable Windows Certificate Installer
Mac OS Package MacOS Certificate Installer
Ubuntu Shell Script Securly Certificate Installer

Securly CA Certificate All Formats

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