Philosophy & Mission


In this day of rapidly expanding and ever changing technology, it is extremely important that the District have an adequate facility and programs to meet the present and future vocational needs of the adults of the Medina County community. The responsibilities for assisting students beyond high school, on the job, for additional training and education, military service or post-secondary counseling, should remain an on-going obligation of the staff.

Programs will be structured to provide the foundation on which adults may build their future lives. As a part of this overall foundation, it is vitally important to provide a wide variety of program selections and specific training in the occupations which best fit the students’ abilities, interests, and needs.

Although actual experience in preparation for the world of work is of the utmost importance, it is important to develop a sense of responsibility as it pertains to citizenship in a democratic society.

Due to the rapidly changing technology and the mobility of people in this society, the District must provide opportunities for the training and retraining of adults as their jobs change drastically or become obsolete.

District Mission Statement

The mission of the Medina County Career Center is to prepare its youth and adults in an efficient and timely fashion, to make informed career choices and to successfully enter, compete, and advance in a changing work world. This mission will be achieved in partnership with education and business communities by offering comprehensive education, training, and support services that develop:

Occupational Skills – skills involving the technical abilities to perform required workplace tasks, including problem solving and critical thinking.

Academic skills – core competencies necessary to prepare for and secure a career, facilitate lifelong learning, and assure success in a global economy.

Employability skills – personal development and leadership abilities essential for increased productivity, economic self-sufficiency, career flexibility, business ownership and effective management of work and family commitments.

Adult & Continuing Education Mission Statement

To develop workforce skills that empower people and companies to succeed.