Frequently Asked Questions

I am planning on attending college after high school; can I still do that if I go to the MCCC?
Yes! The Medina County Career Center offers a broad range of college prep and dual credit academics in addition to real-world career technical education. Last year, over 85% of Career Center seniors were planning to pursue post-secondary education, with the majority attending four-year colleges and universities immediately after high school graduation!

Can I earn an Honors Diploma if I attend the MCCC?
Yes! Career Center students are entitled to, and earn, all the same academic achievements that are available at their associate school, including: Honors Diploma, Scholarships, Honor/Merit Rolls, National Honor Society, etc.

Is it true I can earn college credits while I attend the MCCC?
Yes! Our students are learning college material while in high school. Through agreements with many colleges and universities, MCCC students can earn college credit before they graduate, saving both time and money!

Is Dual Credit available to MCCC students?
Absolutely! MCCC students can actually earn more college credit through our college and university partnerships.

Are industry credentials available at MCCC?
Yes! Microsoft, State Tested Nursing Assistant, ASE, Emergency Medical Technician, and Adobe are just a few of the many certifications MCCC students can earn tuition free while in high school, saving thousands of dollars in post-secondary education.

Can I still play sports or be in the band if I attend the MCCC?
Yes! Career Center students are still active participants in their associate school activities! Additionally, the Career Center has an active network of student organizations where interpersonal, teamwork and leadership skills are developed.

Where will I graduate from?
In addition to your associate school diploma, every MCCC graduate receives a Career Passport.  The Career Passport is a portfolio that includes a résumé, a record of occupational skills mastered, grades, attendance records, academic honors, achievements and special certifications, a Certificate of Competency, and your high school diploma.

What if I need extra support?
Students who have an Individualized Educational Program (IEP) are eligible for assistance from a Vocational Special Education Coordinator (VOSE). Tutoring is provided on an as-needed basis to all MCCC students. Students are encouraged to arrange for assistance when necessary. It is strongly recommended that all special education students take advantage of an Occupational Assessment prior to seeking admission to MCCC.

How do I find the right career major?
Occupational evaluators at MCCC provide vocational assessments that can assist students in setting career goals. Your associate school personnel arrange evaluations.

What student services does MCCC provide?

MCCC provides support and services to all students including career assessment, career and counseling services, medical services and more.

Can anyone attend the MCCC?
Students seeking enrollment must have two years of high school education prior to admission. The Medina County Career Center serves students from: Black River, Brunswick, Buckeye, Cloverleaf, Highland, and Medina. Home Schooled, Charter School and students from other districts may apply as space is available.

I have more questions, who do I contact?

Mrs. Sherry Koenig
Admissions Coordinator
330.725.8461 Ext. 313