The Medina County Career Center Preschool believes that each child is unique, proceeds through levels of development, and learns best when the activity matches his/her level of development.

Services include early childhood education, health, nutrition, social services, parent involvement, meals and field trips. Through a grant from the Ohio Department of Education, special consideration is given to low income families.  There is a sliding scale of fees.

For more information on the programs available for your child, please contact Carla Keller at 330.725.8461 x228.

Preschool Staff, Curriculum, Safety, and Fee Schedule
Preschool Application

Preschool Handbook (3 and 4 yr old)

Program Philosophy
We believe that each child is unique, proceeds through levels of development, and learns best when the activity matches his/her level of development.

Parent Involvement
We believe that parents are the first and potentially best teachers of their children. Parents play an important role in the educational process of their children and are encouraged to serve as resource persons, participate in classroom activities and provide suggestions for program improvement.

Educational Services
Our program provides developmentally appropriate practices and organized experiences to meet the needs of all children. The teaching staff includes certified teachers along with classroom aides. In addition, the Early Childhood Education Junior and Senior students contribute to the learning environment. The staff are sensitive to the emotional, social, intellectual, and physical needs of the children.

Medical, Dental, Mental Health Services
We realize the importance of good health and its effect on the learning process. A comprehensive health service program is provided to identify health needs or concerns for treatment, referral, and follow-up. Children are required to have a physical and dental examination before admission to the program.

Good mental health is equally important as good physical health. Our preschool staff and community health professionals will work together to provide support and encouragement to families for their total well-being.

Daily lesson plans provide opportunities for:

  • Group participation and sharing
  • Increased self awareness
  • Positive self concept
  • Independence
  • Fine and gross motor skills development through play activities
  • Comprehension, reasoning, and problem solving
  • Following Ohio Department of Education’s Early Learning Content Standards for Kindergarten

Social Services
Recruitment of eligible children for enrollment in our program is an ongoing process of Social Services. The staff will offer families a listing of the available community resources. We believe that daily participation is important to obtain the full benefit of our program. Home visits will be an integral part of this process.

Disability Services
Our preschool program implements activities and services which benefit children with special needs. The staff works closely with parents, community agencies, and home schools to ensure that the family receives all necessary services.

Sliding scale of fees for families with children ages 3-4. Free to income qualifying families – (For complete details, please see the Preschool Application).

Enrollment Age
3 – 4 years of age.

Required Documentation
Child’s birth certificate and proof of income for eligibility – please refer to page 2 of application for income guidelines